Life at Audra

Represented by a single feather, AUDRA declares its identity.  The edges of the feather are soft, they may blow in the wind, or change color from feather to feather, but each feather has a spine; a core that is constant, strong and anchoring. No matter where the feather is blown, the core will always remain.  Like the feather each woman is unique and soft, but each have a core- an inner strength which begs to be recognized and celebrated.  AUDRA is for the core, the shining, strong core that lives within each woman, waiting to be unveiled.



AUDRA is a high-end prêt-a-porter line for women’s clothing, accessories and jewelry designed in Paris and produced exclusively in France.

Using minimal, yet refined details and cuts, AUDRA is feminine, yet playful. The line is seemingly Haute-Bohemia:  Merging Haute Couture attention to detail, with the freedom and playfulness reminiscent of the bohemian lifestyle. In essence, the brand seeks to fuse the ease and comfort of American Sportswear with the artisan beauty of Parisian Haute Couture.  Through AUDRA, we see a shift in the culture of couture from a lifestyle, into tangible techniques visible in each, unique garment.

AUDRA seeks to establish itself in the world of luxury fashion through a unique aesthetic, refined couture details, and premium production exclusively in New York City.

The mission of AUDRA is not to introduce another line of beautiful women’s clothing, but to create a brand that celebrates and enhances the individuality of women, everywhere.   AUDRA seeks not only to decorate and adorn the women, but also to excite them, empower them, and celebrate them.


Audra Danielle, LLC

Audra Danielle, LLC is a limited liability company established in Wilmington, Delaware.

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