A Mother's Day Activity Booklet for All



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Mother's Day is a day in which we celebrate and honor mothers, the relationships between mother and family, maternal nurturing and bonds, and motherly influence in all of our lives. This particular Sunday, I'm celebrating all of the women who are mothers in their dynamic ways while also honoring my beloved grandmother, Ruth. The matriarch our family lost last fall. One whom I miss immensely and who has shaped me into the woman I am today. 
A pioneer in the workforce as a young woman in the 1950s, Ruth, or who I called Grammy, was the first woman in her family to pursue a career while persevering through personal hardships, laying the foundation for my mother, my sister and I. She inspired and encouraged us to live our lives full of joy and faith. Her modeled way of life provided me direction and guidance, not by telling, but rather by doing and being. While it's new for me to share so much of my personal stories, I believe we're connecting deeper and building lasting relationships during these changing times. 
I channeled my grief for Grammy into my forthcoming Fall/Winter collection. One that's as much about her legacy as it is to look to the future. It tells the story of my grandmother and me and our unbreakable bond. I'm pleased to introduce my custom motif from the collection in which I've named, Ruth's Recipe, with you this Mother's Day. Ruth's Recipe is derived from the flowers that my mother, sister, and I selected that embody her, which I hand drew. And her directional principals of love, faith, generosity, and joy - represented by the four points of a compass. 
As a gift to you and your loved ones, I've created a whimsical illustrated world to express, get lost in, and find peace in the little luxuries. I encourage you to complete this creativity booklet - take precious moments for yourself and perhaps with a loved one that's nearby this weekend - by interacting with the activities. Whether you have colored pencils and markers or you draw with your phone's screenshot color palette or an app, it doesn't need to be perfect. It's intended to honor you and facilitate the space for your expression, and I'd love for you to share with me upon completion (reply to this email with your artwork). Consider sharing this digitally with a woman whom you appreciate and can't be physically close to this Mother's Day as a gesture of love and thoughtfulness. 
Download the AUDRA Mother's Day activity booklet, which includes my original sketches of botanicals, blouses, and precious pieces from Ruth's Recipe for you to color-in. Scroll to find a mini collection of modern paper dolls for you to color-wash to your desire and style on a croquis, and a virtual bouquet to send to a special someone in your life. 
Happy Mother's Day, x