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Audra's Atelier is a breath of fresh air in St. Louis. A beautiful space filled with even more beautiful clothes. It is hard to compare regular retail shopping to having the designer on hand to help select items that will best suit your lifestyle, body and style, as well as handle alterations. I would encourage anyone looking for a more special piece, or refresh your whole wardrobe, to visit Audra!

Diedre G.

I love that I can wear AUDRA tops with my favorite jeans. I can style it up or down depending on the accessories I choose. The silk twill blend is so easy to wear because it doesn’t cling, it drapes. Very appealing when you are on the go.

Kathleen S.

AUDRA is some of the best in my closet and I am proud to choose her work when I need to look and feel my very best. As a consumer I appreciate when I can align my purchases and investment with a maker whose values are akin to my own.

Penny P.


Most of what I'm drawn to from AUDRA looks "simple," but her artistry is in the tiniest of details. Like all the little buttons on this top and, of course, some of her unique and flattering shapes. It's her secret sauce - and I love it!

Susan S

Cardigan Jacket in Alabaster Bouclé

This jacket was the only outer wear I took on a recent 3-day business trip. Wore it over my shoulders with black dress and heels, wore it with navy pants and blue and white striped blouse and navy patent flats, and on the trip home with cropped jeans, sneakers and black tee. I got compliments on all 3 outfits and it still didn’t look wrinkled. My new summer go-to.

Ellen S.
Boulder, CO