AUDRA Adored

AUDRA Adored: Architect Alison Brooks
"In architecture, we are physically forming the places where people will live, work and play and so there is a responsibility in that. You must bring joy, bring your ideals and bring that magic to solving problems that impact a lot of people." 
AUDRA Adored: Ewa Matyja
"As an artist I create work that reflects emotions and chaos in life that we are living. I capture movement and life.  My goal is to inspire those, who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unusual."
AUDRA Adored Artists: Photographer Betina Du Toit
"As a child, I remember being drawn in by a Kodak pocket camera that I had won in a local coloring competition. After working in publishing for a while and having a few serendipitous encounters, I started focusing on what I already knew I loved the most."