The Ethos of AUDRA

Fueled by the memory of her late father, Designer Audra Noyes, draws inspiration from men's tailored clothing and infuses in her own feminine voice, a conversation between father and daughter 

The story behind the brand, told by designer Audra Noyes: 


At a young age, I tragically lost my father. Over the years that loss created a longing to have a conversation with my dad.  Launching AUDRA provided a creative medium through which that conversation could come alive and have a new voice through the very garments I create.

The first pieces of AUDRA were derived from my father’s shirts, which I cut and draped into new shapes. 

These silhouettes are now essential styles for the brand and iterations of them are our top sellers each collection.  This intention paired with my luxury fashion training, puts out a unique and distinguishable design style - a whimsical, playful flair balanced by an alluring modern spirit. Without realizing, it was a way to keep my relationship alive with my father.
AUDRA is Expressive. Poetic. Ageless.