To AUDRA Community

   To my AUDRA community,          

  The holidays are a time centralized around relationships, possibly more so than much of the year. Moments spent with loved ones and people in our communities of family, work, and passions. Though this holiday season will look and feel different for many of us than years past, it's undoubtedly an opportunity to usher a weighted pause, reflecting gratitude and glee.          

 We’re grateful to you. Your relationship with us has helped the AUDRA brand, partners, and team members persevere through a year of uncertainty and upheaval.  As we consistently extend the joy of doing what we love most - delivering beauty and emotion in AUDRA clothing and seeing you wear it - you've returned such to each of us and much more.          

 What do I mean by this? Your purchases, support, and encouragement have enabled our company to achieve accomplishments that even in the best of years are worth celebrating... 

  Manufacturing & Quality:

          We continue to produce at the same quality and in a safe manner, due in large part to the NYC-based team. Thanks to the flexibility and commitment from Tina, who spearheads a female-majority family-owned factory in the garment district, and the team of sewers who exceptionally and committedly bring the AUDRA creations to life. We pride ourselves on working with talented individuals and partners who pay their sewers and artisans fair, liveable wages.

“Audra and I have worked together for over seven years, and gratefully continue throughout this pandemic. Audra and I share a belief in ethical and sustainable practices of labor. She is very well aware that our sewers are paid more than fair wages, thus sampling and producing at my facility is more costly than other facilities. Despite the higher costs, Audra has continued to utilize our services for the sake of ethically produced goods.” 

-Tina, AUDRA Patternmaker & Factory Owner

  AUDRA Team: 

          Our team has remained intact and seen growth by hiring local talent and students: Eloise, Laura, Mirai, Xavier, Dia, Francesca. Throughout 2020, we’ve worked with five interns from St. Louis universities and a marketing consultant, as well as various business partners, integrated into our brand ecosystem.

“I feel fortunate to have a creative environment during a time when so many are physically distant from creative workspaces and their coworkers. We’re able to truly cultivate and create inspiring garments, while also sharing this part of the process by inviting our friends and neighbors to safely experience what differentiates the AUDRA product.”

-Eloise, Assistant Designer & Studio Manager

  Growth as a Designer:

           The Fall Collection is one that is probably the most emotionally charged and personal I’ve ever shared. I’m beyond touched by the overwhelming response from customers, relaying the joy it’s brought and meets your shifting dressing needs. I couldn’t ask for a better tribute to a woman I loved and miss deeply, Ruth. 

          While simultaneously launching this collection and moving our headquarters, I’ve refocused on how we release new garments, remaining true to the AUDRA brand and consciously creating. Since the start of this year, we have developed and released 35 new styles. The on-demand production model allows us the capacity to offer a wider array of selection to our customers, enabling online growth, and ultimately scale the business in a manner that stays true to our values.

"Audra, supporting you and wearing your clothes, has given me joy and some purpose during the pandemic!” 

-Ellen, AUDRA customer

  AUDRA Atelier:

          We moved into our first standalone Atelier in St. Louis (inclusive of design, operations, and retail) thanks to members of the local community and trusted advisors helping me identify the perfect location most convenient for you. Through this expansion, we have had the opportunity to extend our engagement with over five local businesses, vendors, and resources. 

          This new space has allowed us to invite customers in to shop and learn more about the AUDRA brand and what we stand for. In return, we’ve built more relationships with women in the community and look forward to opening our door to more.

          It's all worth taking inventory of what we've achieved in 2020 - as we operate with intention, even through challenges woven in. None of this is possible without you, and in return, why we do it for you. I shared in March that the AUDRA women, who consistently exhibit strength and perseverance, inspire me with resilience and creativity in how to lead my business forward. As a result of this and our relationship, we’ve done better than anticipated. We did reinvent. We’ve come out stronger and more successful. 

          We're in this together. Your commitment to AUDRA impacts each of us, employees, and partners alike. Thank you for your ongoing valued support and love of the AUDRA brand and community. 

          Warmest wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season.