The Story of Shirting

The Story of Shirting

A ubiquitous garment in our wardrobes, shirting is the eternal staple we reach for recurrently. And yet, when precision, tailoring, and emotion are permeated into a piece, it becomes more than a top. It transcends into a veritable extension of who we are and how we each choose to express. Audra captures the essence of shirting with an abstract feeling or emotion, while thoughtfully applying her expertise which infuses each piece she designs for you.



Shirting intertwines amidst the identity of AUDRA. Since our inception, shirting serves as the anchor within each collection, pulling together the inspirational frame of reference while revisiting and enhancing essential silhouettes. It began with the deconstruction and draping of Audra's late father's shirts, which transformed into one of our bestselling tops, the Fold Shirt.


Recognized since the entreé of the brand, each AUDRA piece comes alive by the thoughtful selection of pristine textiles, prints, motifs, and details. Translating each design into cherished garments constructed to last a lifetime.



Audra's tailoring mastery continues to enhance a common silhouette into a wearable object unlike any other. The AUDRA styles - many of which are made of Italian cotton - are host to the Slash Shirting, Oversized Cuff Shirts, Drawstring Shirting, and Button Downs. These shirting profiles flow into the statement dresses throughout the collections that can be worn from day to evening.


Beauty, quality, fit, and attention to detail are elements of what makes an AUDRA garment stand out. This is told in an unspoken manner by the mother of pearl buttons, precision placement of seams, and distinct design characteristics. Most importantly, wearability for an AUDRA woman is crucial in our entire process. Who you are, what you do, and how you live your life are what guide us to creating the pieces that fit you best.