Consciously Creating

Celebrating our planet today and every day.  Because this week was Earth Day, we're illuminating our process of consciously creating and the importance of knowing where, whom, and how our garments are being made. These values have been ingrained since the inception of AUDRA. We import our fabrics from small-batch family-owned mills in Europe and Japan, followed by each ongoing step of manufacturing done entirely in America, at female-owned factories. This allows us to deliver limited runs of high-quality, thoughtful clothing. 

Let us take you through our conscious creation process...


It Begins with Materials

We seek a sustainable solution whether with natural fibers or incorporating manmade innovation where necessary. Sourcing and creating textiles with family-owned European and Japanese mills is the foundation for designing our garments that stand the test of time in style and wearability. These relationships garner collaboration in selecting natural fibers (including cotton & wool), using recycled materials, and making smart choices (such as opting for Tencel over denim and incorporating mother-of-pearl buttons over plastic).

Cut and Sewn By Hand 


Once the textile creation is complete, the fabrics are sent directly to our partner factories in New York City. Each garment is cut and sewn by hand, start to finish by one sewer, at small-batch female-owned facilities. We choose to work with these factories in order to conserve the American garment districts - paying sewers, cutters, and factory employees a liveable wage - as well as preserving fashion technical skillsets.  



Limited Production Of Garments 

We understand our business and customers - we believe that overproduction is not good for you, the business, and our planet. By ensuring that we cut silhouettes to our needs and your desire, it allows us to continue creating an exclusive number of garments so you may shop intentionally. The limited run of pieces in each collection, along with our made-to-order offering, affirms our principals of uncompromising quality. With a low minimum production, we focus on quality over quantity. Limited truly means limited.

Quality Controlled & Delivered 

Once each garment is completed, it is individually inspected by our team prior to shipping out from the factory. This ensures our commitment to excellent quality control and fit standards. Our hands-on approach is quite unique today in the fashion industry, yet remains customary for small businesses. While common practice for us, it does give us a competitive edge, one in which we are proud.