Conversations with AUDRA Women

Paulina Reyes | Creative Director
Independent creative director Paulina Reyes shares where she gets her creativity, her teaching and mentorship work, how her upbringing has influenced her creative process and leadership style, and tenets of her personal style, including her favorite AUDRA pieces.
Sonya Woods Rose | Stylist, Makeup Artist & Minister
Sonya Woods Rose is a Dallas-based wardrobe stylist and makeup artist who leads her life, work, relationships, and community in faith. Sonya and I met through our work and relationship in retail at Stanley Korshak and immediately bonded over quality fashion and faith. As an ordained minister, Sonya sets a strong example of loving yourself and honoring your individual beauty. Because of this, she radiates grace both inside and out and we’re grateful to her for styling her AUDRA pieces her way, at home in Texas.
Sue McCollum | Chairman and CEO of Major Brands
Sue McCollum is one of the nation’s leading businesswomen in the beverage alcohol distribution industry. She is the owner and CEO of two Anheuser-Busch distributors in South Florida and the CEO of Major Brands, the largest Missouri based distributor of premium spirits, wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages. Her approach to both business and, ultimately, relationships is central to the AUDRA brand and why we’re delighted to revere and engage Sue within our community.
Deborah Roberts | Award Winning Journalist & Author
Deborah Roberts is an award-winning ABC News Correspondent for "20/20," "Nightline," "Good Morning America" and "ABC World News Tonight with David Muir." A lifelong fashion enthusiast with a commitment to wearing, supporting and uplifting emerging designers, Deborah is steady in her style confidence while embracing talent. We’ve been fortunate that she embraces the AUDRA brand and what it stands for and we’re pleased to share our latest Conversation with Deborah Roberts.
Penny Pennington | Managing Partner, Edward Jones
Penny Pennington is the managing partner of Edward Jones, a Fortune 500 financial services firm headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a voracious co-creator at work, in the community she lives, and at home as a wife and a mother of two adult daughters. As a celebrated AUDRA woman, Penny embodies optimism, ambition, commitment, strength, collaboration, resiliency, and generosity. Her respected and genuine way of life is ever-inspiring and shows up consistently to substantial effect. 
Tara Gallina | Co-Owner, Vicia & Windslow's Table
Tara Gallina is the co-owner and GM of Vicia and Winslow's Table, along with her husband, Chef Michael Gallina. She's also mom to Olivia (almost 2) and expecting a son at the end of this month.  While juggling two restaurants, soon to be two small children, and making agile moves to keep their business afloat right now, Tara connected with us virtually to share her thoughts on community, memorable dining experiences, and the importance of relationships. Many of the resilient traits of an AUDRA woman.