Sonya Woods Rose | Stylist, Makeup Artist & Minister

Sonya is wearing the Stretch Sequin Shirting.


Sonya Woods Rose is a Dallas-based wardrobe stylist and makeup artist who leads her life, work, relationships and community in faith. She is founder and CEO of Ruth’s Daughters, Inc., and ‘Knowing Your Style,’ is on several boards in her community including Fair Park First Board of Directors, Turtle Creek Conservancy Board of Directors & the Frazier Revitalization Inc., and in 2017 was elected to the prestigious Dallas Park & Recreation Board. 

Her goal is to help people build their self-esteem in the Lord first, and that confidence must be established and founded upon solid Biblical principles. From there, she moves on to the outer layers of styling and fashioning the body. Born and raised in Dallas, Sonya serves a community of clients from Dallas-Fort Worth to individuals across the globe.  

Sonya and I met through our work and relationship in retail at Stanley Korshak and immediately bonded over quality fashion and faith. As an ordained minister, Sonya sets a strong example of loving yourself and honoring your individual beauty. Because of this, she radiates grace both inside and out and we’re grateful to her for styling her AUDRA pieces her way, at home in Texas. 


    Sonya is wearing the Jacquard Tie Shirt Dress (left) & Jersey Cape Dress (right). 

Faith is your guiding light in your life. How has this impacted your work and your relationships with clients and your community in Dallas? 

I know without a doubt that He has given me this gift to style. It is in my very own unique way of sharing His Word through styling others. I choose to speak directly to the heart of the person. I never want my clients to have a false sense of confidence built on material things. I want them to know that we are created on purpose, for purpose, in His purpose. We are created in the image of God, so my desire is for the client/community to see themselves through His Word. I like to call this styling from the inside out.


How are you honoring the crucial moments for yourself to rest and regenerate? 

I have a disciplined lifestyle of beginning each day in the Bible. It is nourishment for my soul. I pray, worship, and read before I get my day started. God is first!   

Thursday is my day off. On that day, I don’t set my alarm. I try to sleep a little later if I can but still spend time with the Lord. I refresh by following His lead. I have begun to incorporate a monthly massage which is relaxing. I take long baths every day. I enjoy being still - I sit quietly with no noise so I can hear the voice of the Lord. This is the most peaceful part of closing out my day. 


You’ve shared that your parents had a keen eye for fashion and their own unique style. How has your upbringing and early life experiences in Dallas influenced your personal style today? 

My parents were very fashionable people. They had classic style, creative ways of expressing themselves, which set the tone for me to own my unique style. 

I recall challenging my mother in the area of style around the age of five. I had a strong personality with strong opinions. I remember us disagreeing on an issue of me wanting to wear navy and black. She said it should not be worn together, and I said yes, it should. Mind you, I was the child, and she was the mother. I could see (I had vision) that it would work perfectly, but she was not embracing my “vision” at the time. There would be many more days like it in the future.

I can always see it before I see it. So for me, style is having a vision.

 Sonya is wearing the Kaftan Navy Dress.


Relationships and intentionality are pillars of the AUDRA brand. You value both of these, particularly how you choose to make statements in the way you dress and who you are supporting. How do you emphasize your style through your commitment and engagement with artisans, designers, and fashion brands?

 First Corinthians 15:10 says, “But by the grace of God I am what I am,…” I discovered this scripture during my time away in college. At the time, I was not happy with my body, skin color, or any of my keen facial features. I wanted to look different. But that scripture opened my eyes, and I knew that I was designed perfectly the way He wanted. It was then that I asked God to help me define my own style and build my self-esteem on His Word. I also told Him that I would always give Him the glory. Without God, I knew I could do nothing. He did His part, and I have held true to my part.  

What we wear has the power to tell an expressive story and signal to the world. What are the tenets of your personal style?

I believe that I should reflect the Lord in all that I do and wear. My fashion is not based on the latest trends but solely on the leading of the Holy Spirit. I consult with Him daily on what will best suit my body frame and will honor His name (Jesus) at the same time. This is my truth. Authentically! Sonya… Style, Substance, Solutions.

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