Ruth's Recipe Creation

The AUDRA Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection tells the story of a grandmother and her granddaughter, and of the unbreakable bond between two women connected by more than just family.
Deeply affected by the late 2019 passing of Audra's cherished Grandmother Ruth, she bravely channeled her grief into a collection that is as much about legacy as it is about looking toward the future. In particular, an eponymously named print paying homage to Ruth. A recipe of hand-drawn whimsical botanicals and guiding compasses, aptly named "Ruth's Recipe," is a dreamy collage of mementos that represent her beloved grandmother.
A pioneer in the workforce as a young woman in the 1950’s, Ruth was the first woman in her family to pursue a career while persevering through personal hardships, laying the foundation for her children and grandchildren, inspiring them to live a life full of joy and full of faith, leaving behind a generational blessing for her family. Her essence can be felt throughout the collection, drawing on the ageless esthetic of the brand in a combination of modern classics, menswear moments, and surprising sparks of intense, passionate hues and whimsical, charming prints - including the standout print in "Ruth's Recipe."

Upon finalizing the print, Audra's personal drawings were transferred into a complex digitization form. Every line was redrawn by the AUDRA team in a digital manner and then built into a repeat pattern and placed with precision onto silhouette forms. This process of combining the traditional and technological allows for maintaining design integrity while producing the print on fabric to the highest quality standards.



Ruth's Recipe custom motif is applied directly onto the silk-twill, by a NYC garment district-based fabric printer. One of the few remaining US-domestic silk printers. 


Beauty, quality, fit, and attention to detail are elements of what makes an AUDRA garment stand out. This is often told in an unspoken sense by the intention in fabric selection, distinct design characteristics, precision placement of seams. In this case, a custom motif expressed from a deeply personal place and shared with you.