A Q&A with Creative Director and Founder Audra Noyes Herndon

Bringing Spring Summer 2023 to Life: Audra H. shares her insights on the inspiration, design, and favorite moments from our newest collection.

Step onto the set of our Spring/Summer 2021 Collection
Here's an inside look at our NYC and St. Louis team and talent coming together for the first time at our Ladue Atelier. 
Saint Louis Showroom
  Our Saint Louis based retail showroom and design headquarters is open  10am - 5pm CST weekdays and Saturday 10am - 3pm CST. Open to the public. Walk-ins Welcome.  AUDRA ATELIER 9753 Clayton Road Saint Louis, MO 63124   We invite you into...
Ruth's Hand Jacquard Design
The most recent release of the AUDRA Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection brings you a cherry jacquard textile with a hand signing inlay. The cherry red custom color was developed again to celebrate Ruth and her reminiscent lip rouges. This rich cherry, along with cinnamons, were colors Ruth loved, and work themselves well into this collection. and seasons beyond today.
AUDRA Atelier
   We're thrilled to share that the AUDRA Atelier has officially moved:  9753 Clayton Road Saint Louis, MO 63124   The team and I cordially invite you into our new space to shop, preview the latest pieces in the AUDRA collection...
Fall Styling: Your Tonal Autumn Agenda
Make shades of luxe wine, camel, and oatmeal stand out in your style this autumn by dressing head to toe tonal.
Stay-at-Home Styling: Dining In Edition
Stay-at-Home Styling:Dining In Edition Dining in has a whole new meaning, including not discounting the ceremonious time spent having a meal. Whether you're setting up a simple tablescape, joining virtual dinner parties, picking up carry-out from your favorite restaurant, or...
A Mother's Day Activity Booklet for All
Mother's Day is a day in which we celebrate and honor mothers, the relationships between mother and family, maternal nurturing and bonds, and motherly influence in all of our lives.  Download the AUDRA Mother's Day activity booklet. Scroll to find a mini collection of modern paper dolls for you to color-wash to your desire and style on a croquis, and a virtual bouquet to send to a special someone in your life.