AUDRA Atelier


We're thrilled to share that the AUDRA Atelier has officially moved: 

9753 Clayton Road

Saint Louis, MO 63124


The team and I cordially invite you into our new space to shop, preview the latest pieces in the AUDRA collection and join us to toast the new atelier headquarters.

To book your in-person or virtual walk-through and shopping experience, simply call 314.275.0758 or email with preferred availability.



Our Health & Safety Protocols

 In addition to adhering to the CDC's recommended guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our team is taking precautions, including the following:

  • We are operating in a space that allows us to work 6 feet apart and allows for welcoming you and your guests to join us at a safe distance in person.
  • We will wear our masks and respect your preferences in mask-wearing in person when you're inside the atelier.
  • Clothing, racks, and guest spaces will be sanitized immediately before arriving to ensure a safe space to shop at your leisure and pleasure.
  • There is a medical-grade air purifier which we've integrated to help filtrate the air in our studio.