Ruth's Hand Jacquard Design

Ruth's Hand Jacquard Design

A behind the scenes look at how we created our latest custom style - ready for fall, transcending seasons.

The most recent release of the AUDRA Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection brings you a cherry jacquard textile with a hand signing inlay. Composed of four individual letter elements, in reverence to Audra's late grandmother, Ruth, whom she lost in late 2019 and has been the central inspiration of this season.


The fingerspelling of 'RUTH,' through signing, pays homage to the significant physical representation of Ruth and her journey in life with arthritis. Simultaneously, celebrating her resiliency and strength conveyed to the women in her life. Audra drew from her relationship and continues to introduce precious moments of thoughtful design elements as we move through this new season.


Three generations of hands in Audra's family, including Ruth. 



The precision of placement is a detail that AUDRA adheres to when creating. After the hand icons were created in the form of signing each letter, they were specifically placed throughout the silhouette of a top to create a repeating pattern, knowing exactly where each letter landed.


This limited edition fabric of fingerspelling 'RUTH' was taken from the initial development into a digitized process that enabled further intentionality. This in turn allowed for an organic repeating motif to run on the textile.


To bring it to life, AUDRA chose the silky-like viscose jacquard. A fabric with wearability for daytime and evenings, especially in our Drawstring Shirting style. This specialized jacquard technique allows for a mirrored front and back - shiny and matte - a detail that signals that the inside of the fabric is just as important as the outside.




The cherry red custom color was developed again to celebrate Ruth and her reminiscent lip rouges. Once the jacquard was woven in Italy, it was then dyed to the color specificity by AUDRA and shipped to NYC for sewing. This rich cherry, along with cinnamons, were colors Ruth loved, and work themselves well into this collection. and seasons beyond today.



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